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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


1. What is Hot CPU Tester?
Hot CPU Tester is a stability testing utility. It is a burn in test utility. It tests system for defective parts and system stability.

2. What are "Modules" in Hot CPU Tester?
A module is a testing unit, which tests system and its components. Modules are the heart of Hot CPU Tester. Each module runs a particular through test on the system. Hot CPU Tester is a multi-threaded program therefore, each module runs in a separate isolated thread. In other words all modules simultaneously runs on the system together, this way it loads system to its maximum limits and tests it under hard conditions to ensure every component is working in perfect harmony and stability with the system.

3. My system fails Hot CPU Tester but my computer is "completely stable" and runs flawless, why?
Hot CPU Tester tests systems thoroughly, and sometimes a system that "seems" stable has hidden problems that might not occur during normal usage. However, Hot CPU Tester can detect these problems through its unique DefecTech engine.

4. What is DefecTech?
DefecTech is a unique new technology designed by OpusWare to test components accurately. It can detect all potential errors on the system.

5. What is CPU Performance?
CPU Performance is a percentage which compares CPU speed while its under full load with its idle load. This number does not measure CPUs quality nor its stability. Note, that this number is relatively low on some AMD CPUs.

6. When I run Hot CPU Tester it says unable to find OLEACC.DLL file. What should I do?
OLEACC.DLL is a 'Windows Accessibility' library file. If you get that error message it means you don't have Windows Accessibility installed. Just install 'Windows Accessiblity'  feature.

7. What is the difference between Hot CPU Tester Pro 3 & the Lite edition?
Basically, the Lite edition is a free version of Hot CPU Tester Pro, with some limitations. Hot CPU Tester Pro 3 has more testing modules and also you can get full technical support through LiveSupport.

8. What would I get if I buy Hot CPU Tester Pro 3?
- Chipset testing module
- L1 cache testing module
- L2 cache testing module
- Peripherals testing module
- Memory testing module
- SSE testing module
- full technical support through our LiveSupport support systems

9. How can I buy Hot CPU Tester Pro?
You have 2 options for buying Hot CPU Tester Pro.
a. Through our integrated eSeller. It is revolutionary system we use for your convenience. Simply, you can buy Hot CPU Tester Pro through Hot CPU Tester lite (free version) Just click on it, enter your information, and it automatically installs Hot CPU Tester Pro. It is very secure, and all of your information would be secured through cutting edge technology before they transfer through internet.
b. Through our WebStore it is the traditional way. just go to our WebStore, enter your information and then you will get a link to download Hot CPU Tester Pro.
If you have any concerns or questions please send an email to [email protected]

10. How secure is your registration/transaction system?
For your convenience we have teamed up with eSellerate from MindVision to provide you with the industry's state of the art automatic registration system with the highest security. We have chosen eSellerate as our partners because, they are the most reliable in the industry. We use the latest encryption technology for transferring your data through the internet, and we also do not store your credit card numbers. We feel obligated to all our customers, and we guarantee your satisfaction, if you have any concerns or questions regarding buying Hot CPU Tester Pro just send us an email to [email protected].

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